Why EcoStyle Paints?

At  ROCKCOTE we don't believe that choosing the right paint should mean a compromise between product performance and your health. That’s why we created EcoStyle Paints: Premium paints that last the distance, with the added benefit of being non toxic and very low VOC. 

EcoStyle Paints  are 100% Australian and 100% acrylic, making them ultra tough, super low maintenance and easy to clean. What's more, EcoStyle Paints don't support nasties like stains, dirt, mould, mildew or fungi! 

Being non toxic means they are completely free from dangerous chemicals and solvents like formaldehyde, glycol ethers, phthalates and crystalline quartz silica. Meaning you don't have to paint then wait to enjoy your space, EcoStyle allows you to paint and occupy the same day! 

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints - Paint without compromise.